We carry thousands of medical & accessibility products through our physical stores in Prince George and Quesnel - if you don't see something listed here, please stop by or contact us.

Bracing & Supports

Health conditions, lifestyle, heredity predispositions, injuries, surgeries, age, and pregnancy all play a role in the need for bracing and support items. While these may not all be factors that we can control, bracing and support items such as knee braces, wrist braces, back braces, ankle braces, shoulder braces, and compression garments can decrease pain, support improvements in health, and enhance your ability to perform your daily tasks.

Our Certified Compression Fitters
Compression stockings are widely prescribed by doctors and other medical professionals and are also available in over-the-counter options. At MEDIchair NorthBC, we have 7 certified Compression Fitters on staff to accurately measure your compression and answer your questions in order to help you choose the best stocking for you and your lifestyle.  Because of swelling and changes to our feet and legs throughout the day, we ask that you plan on your fitting first thing in the morning; allowing our fitter to ensure correct measurements in order to get you the stockings that will make the biggest impact on your condition.  Please contact us or see us in-store if you have any questions about compression stockings or our other bracing and support products.

These are just a few of the many Bracing and Support products that we have available. If you don't see a solution or product listed for sale online, please contact us or see us in-store.